Life tip of the day…

Do not ever enter a public restroom with food in your mouth.

You never know what might hit you when you enter the restroom and it could be a nasty surprise that does not mix with food….

In other news, I am going to attempt to “run” 3 miles in this 99 degree heat.  If I don’t write again soon, you can assume I’ve died.


4 thoughts on “Life tip of the day…

  1. You know, I never know what to do with my drink. I carry either water or diet Dr. Pepper probably 90% of the time. But, what do you do with it when you HAVE to go to a public restroom? (and there's no one to hold your drink)Hi from Etsy blog team!

  2. Now I've reached the Third Age, do not run – not that I ever did when I was younger either! Do still walk – round my English village and try to do it in 20-25 mins each time, three times a week. Helps keep the joints going and other maturing ailments at bay!! Hope you survived your planned trip!

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