Lazy Sunday for Lazy Owl…

Ahhhhhh, a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon.  When I worked in public accounting, I never enjoyed my Sundays.  The feeling of anxiety would just build in me throughout the day, knowing that tomorrow I had to return to my hectic work environment and receive another dose of mental and emotional beatdowns (over dramatic much?).

Thankfully, one of the things I’ve noticed since starting my new job is how peaceful and relaxing Sundays can be.   I spend my Sundays catching up on laundry and ironing, working outside, taking walks with our dog, sorting through the mail pile, and yes, working on Lazy Owl Boutique!

You may not know, but Houston (and Texas in general) is in the middle of a really extensive and long drought.  And it’s RAINING right now!  Not just raining but like, a full on downpour!  As a new homeowner and thus a new owner of a whole bunch of dying thirsty plants, this makes me quite happy.  That means no more watering for like….at least a day or two right?

I think Leo (dog) was very confused by all this since it hasn’t rained in so long.  He first sprinted out the doggie door to bark defiantly at the thunder noises.  Now, he is sitting upstairs with me staring at the rain (which you can’t really see in this photo but trust me, it’s raining!).

I hope you are all enjoying your Sundays, whether they be productive or lazy!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday for Lazy Owl…

  1. you are so cute! What type of dog do you have? He's a cutie too! I'm a neighbor state, in LA, and we sure have been getting a lot of rain daily! I love it, just not the humidity after.

  2. Awww thanks Ginger! Leo is a lovely little mutt. We think he is mostly miniature pincher though, with a few other things sprinkled in for good measure.I'm from LA! Baton Rouge to be exact. Where are you? My parents keep talking about the rain over there but it has been so dry here.

  3. There is something so refreshing and cleansing about a huge downpour after a dry spell! And you dog is SO cute! ps. Hurrah for lazy Sunday – I just had one and it was a lovely little luxury!

  4. Ejorpin- I totally agree! We just need more downpours around here. I love taking naps during storms on the weekends, but those have been hard to come by. Thanks for thinking my lazy little doggie is cute!!

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