Sorry I’ve been MIA….

I had a delightful weekend to myself last weekend where I just attempted to craft stuff and make new jewelry all weekend…more on that eventually.  BUT I have been MIA lately because this week we spontaneously decided to adopt another doggie.  This one is a puppy girl from the Montgomery County shelter.  I saw her picture online and one thing just snowballed into another, and by the end of the day, she was ours!

I’ll have some real updates soon!


4 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve been MIA….

  1. Thanks guys!! She has been relatively good thus far. I'm new to the whole puppy thing! She is certainly very adorable though :)GingerPeach, I hope you can get a dog soon! Definitely one of the most rewarding decisions we have made.

  2. Aww what a cutie! =) She is going to make my piterest board! =) No more puppies for us, because we have 6 dogs =/ And 7 cats so we have a mini zoo haha At least with the cats 3 were strays and 1 of the dogs was a stray, another was my grandma's and now is my mom's =/

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